This is great investigative work that Tony Specian did on the two photos of my previous Posts (Outlook Point & Rocky and Happy). I would not have ventured to guess that they were so intimately related.


That being so, I accept Tony’s conclusions as fact, and will add my own observations which were stimulated by his Post.  Namely, look at the gestalt of the two photos: they are synchronous as overall form and view, especially of the lay of the land. Specifically, note the shadow on the grass (noted by the red arrow) and note the apparently  similar forms indicated by the green arrows. The curvature of the hill which drops off to the right in both photos. This is strong convergence to lead one to state that this is the same place of the two photos.


The question that has yet to be answered is when were these photos taken? Rocky’s photo appears to be the earlier one due to the mature tree growth. Rocky was Governor of NY from 1959 to 1973. I have a hard time believing that Fr. Gerard Piotrowski was at Padua  later than 1959. But, that is just a hunch. More needs to be provided by other alumni who may be more familiar with the photos, events, or personages.



February 22, 2013


The Rocky & Happy photo was certainly taken at the viewing pavillion in the Watkins Cemetery to the east of the NOYES family plot. The Lookout Point photo was taken at the top of the golf course near the farm road, between the seconf hole and the third tee.

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