IMG_3980RodSeelingIt may seem odd that at this time of year I choose to post something about one of my favorite writers, Rod Serling. But there is a certain synchronicity about this. For one, Rod was born on December 25, 1924, had a summer home in Interlaken, NY, and named the Production Company of the famed Twilight Zone, the Cayuga Productions (named by Rod and Carol Serling after Cayuga Lake).


I continually have the pleasure of running into different episodes of his Twilight Zone series on TV. And, if one can put aside the obvious fact or, should I say, inclination to dismiss it as sheer fantasy, the stories ring true of real life moments, not to say real story telling which touches not only the fantasy but the heart.


The spirits which dwell within the country side of the Finger Lakes surely had  taken hold of Rod to inspire him to create tales which speak of lasting human values– something which seems to be lacking in this age of processed media news and political posturing. Maybe this speaks more to my dated sense of what is relevant and inspiring (and, I’m sure it does, as every generation must concede to the next for its place in the sun), but sometimes a voice rings true in all the clamor to be heard. And, I dare say Rod’s stories speak loud and true, if one would lend an ear to listen.



January 4, 2013


Just for the record, the 2 episodes I viewed were I have Just what you need-an old man peddler gives people things from his suitcase, that proves to be useful. And a German Commandat is put on trial 15 years after WW2 at a concentration camp. I do not remember the Monster series, but remember a spin off “The Outer Limits”. We do get Chiller Channel 168 on local cable vision. I’ll have to take a peak



January 3, 2013


I was not watching the same episodes your were, Tony. I caught a passing episode about a half hour before I made the post. But, it still is within the margin of error regarding coincidence, I think.

Anyway, there was another series which came very close to capturing Rod Serling’s flair and spirit. And that was the so-called Monsters series which ran from 1988 to 1991. The Monsters series was not your typical horror trash ( I say this as an aficionado, growing up in the 50’s with monster magazines/comic books). The series had decent stories and writing. I remember one with David McCallum (remember the Man from Uncle) and it was called “The Feverman.” To say the least, it was a brilliant example of a morality play of the 20th Century.

I believe the series is still showing again on NBC Universal’s horror/suspense-themed cable channel “Chiller.” I don’t get it here in New England, but if you do get it in your area, it may provide some good TV viewing.



January 2, 2013


How Ironic. I was watching some old episodes of the Twilight Zone A day or two ago. In the credits The Cayuga productions caught my eye. Spooky if you were watching the same episodes you were watching the same episodes I was.

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