10-ArchiveLooseMost of the things in my life that keep me going are small but fundamental, and there are a lot of them. Say, for instance, feeling the  softness of a warm sweater in winter, or the harmony of design when I look at my wife’s garden. There are so many of them, they are often clustered into the realm of insignificance, but they are far from insignificant.


On the other hand, there are big things in my life that keep me going, and they are overwhelming and infrequent. An example may be the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl, since I’m from Rhode Island  and 40 minutes from Gillette Stadium. Another may be a creative idea which may impel me to organize a work project. These large moments of life appear to be the bully on the block as compared to the small things.


Then there are the things of life which confound me being neither large nor small, since my mind can not parse that distinction, being overwhelmed simply by their presence. One such moment occurred late in the summer of 2012, 50 years since being a freshman at Padua. …Enter into my imagination and  see it…


As usual, when listening to a recent song, namely Phil Collins singing Take Me Home, I was flooded with many thoughts which the song lyrics inspired. The thoughts concentrated around the Class of 1962, their 50th Reunion in 2012, and a package I received at the end of August. By the way, while listening to Take Me Home I was afflicted with a severe case of mondegreen syndrome. Wikipedia defines mondegreen as: “misinterpretation of a phrase as a result of near-homophony.” In other words (literally), I totally misinterpreted the lyrics, since when I looked them up, they were actually terrible lyrics. Phil Collins had to be a good artist to pull off that song.


Getting back to the package. Opening the box I found a handsome crystal award given in appreciation by the Alumni for being Web Master. It was the last thing I ever expected since I felt it an honor to create a website for all that had been given to me growing up in Watkins Glen.


The class of 1962 had chosen “Come Home to Padua” as its theme for their 50th Reunion. So having Phil Collins sing Take Me Home rekindled my appreciation for their spearheading the Alumni award. The face of the ’62 Class for me over the last several years has been John Mielnik and John LaSalle. I thought they did a great job putting together the reunion, even though I could not make it to enjoy it. I will wait patiently for some photos to show up on the Gallery.


It was this unexpected and unusual gift to me by Alumni in August which impelled me to put together this blog.  Most recently I had to upgrade the Gallery also since it was getting long in the tooth (see a forthcoming blog entry). In many ways, I still feel like a frosh when I see members of the 1962 class, maybe because when I’m at reunions I guess I have come home, my first home away from home.


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