FakeNDfilterThis time of year is one of those critical points in time that symbolizes the cycle of life-death, namely the dark before the dawn. One can use a myriad of descriptive terms but the main idea is that when life seems at its lowest, suddenly it bursts forth stronger than ever. It is three days before the arrive of Spring.


This photo is of upper Narraganset Bay taken from Gaspee Point looking south. The day was rather bleak but I went to the Bay, not far from my house, hoping to catch some good light for photography. It was anything but good. In fact it was drab and colorless, but I said there had to be something here. I continued to shoot photo after photo. In my mind’s eye I finally hit on something that Nature was trying to communicate to me. At the very least, this is what I fantasized. But my fantasy seems to align with reality, for the interplay of light and dark in the photo along with the menacing clouds and the deep abyss of the Bay portrayed doom, but the horizon portended hope with the faint hint of golden sunshine.


To extend my Spring Meditation… Let me speak of Gaspee Point from where this photo originated. Being from the Biggest Little State in the Union of which Rhode Islanders are fond to note, Gaspee Point is one of their dearest treasures since it is from here that the first shots of the American Revolution originated, not from Concord which ordinary history books popularly note. Before Boston or Philadelphia got on the bandwagon of dissent against the English Crown, Rhode Islanders attacked the British warship, the HSM Gaspee, which guarded Narragansett Bay to collect taxes for the Crown. They were more than successful, and as they say, the rest is history.


In the sense of extended metaphor, Gaspee Point ushers in Beginnings, ushers in Spring. May you all find these kinds of moments this time of year, when light seems to overtake darkness.


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