Pardon the Interruption.


The blog has been moribund the last few weeks, and I apologize for that. Whether or not we want to believe it, there is a tacit agreement generally made when any communication is established (also, pardon the philosophizing on the moment), and that is, once one begins a conversation he/she is obliged to engage in it until politely terminated (my wife would love me for phrasing it that way). In other words, I really should have written something. So, PTI!!


PTI is also somewhat excusable since I have been involved in an endeavor which I never thought I’d be involved in…namely, water hunting.

That’s why I’m blogging this, since we all know if there was anything at Padua Prep and the Seneca Valley it had to be Water. Water was everywhere. Besides being one of the wettest places on earth (that’s how it felt like when out on the athletic field for practice, class or intramurals), there was the constant panorama of Seneca Lake, and the incessant presence of spring water flowing down the hill or accessible through the “bubbler” by the gym, Bro. Tim’s fountains, or the wells on the hillside.


Fast forward almost 50 years and to the State of Rhode Island (btw, nicknamed the Ocean State), and to my back yard. The back yard is located approximately 100 feet from Narragansett Bay (a pretty wet place). I see spring water bubbling up on the edge of my property which drops off precipitously on the back edge.  Other homes in the development have wet basements needing sump pumps to keep them dry.  So, I think to myself, there has to be plenty of water underneath my property.  I’m thinking this because the City of Warwick has made me put in a sewer line connection, so now I must not only pay water fees but also sewer fees based on what my water fee is (something like a double tax, if you are catching my drift). This becomes an issue if I wish to keep my grass green in the summer (I believe a laudable practice since I’m contributing green space and not black top to keep the earth healthy). In any event,  if I want to water my lawn in the summer and not land in the poor house, having my own water source on my property would be very helpful.


Pardon the Interruption,  but I was digging for water.


As I am wont to say to my wife, in any endeavor or project I need to get done (e.g., from electricity, to house painting, to car repair) I must become an expert in that area, simply to, firstly, not get ripped off by so-called professionals, and secondly, to have the job done properly. Sounds a little cynical, but hey, that’s how life has unfolded at times. So, as fate would have it, I needed to become an expert in water well drilling. Since March I have been trying to get well drillers out to my property to drill a simple well. I have not been successful in this regard, even though there are dozens of well drillers in the State. I know exactly what kind of well I want (not a point well or a screen/gravel well, but a rock well), but it seems that well drilling is a profitable and busy enterprise, and my well job is too small for these well drillers. Sounds strange and funny, but it’s true. To be continued…




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