BulletinBoardThis may be the most unappreciated or elemental part of Padua that ever existed…The Bulletin Board at the base of the central staircase.


Just think of it. Nothing ever happened at any point in the whole campus of Padua Prep, if it did not start at the base of that central staircase. It’s almost scary thinking about it, that such a thing could have existed in the lives of impressionable teenagers. Yet it did. Consciously or unconsciously. Maybe the nature of what Padua was way back then even demanded that this exist. Continue reading The Bulletin Board




LostCorridorFinalWhen I was at Padua from 1961-65 this  was the name given to that area of Padua Prep located on the second floor right off the central core of the building.  It was essentially over the refectory running to the back of the building, and ending in the kitchen storerooms.


Or, was another name extant when you were at Padua?


This odd place has always been at the back of my mind, and nobody ever talks about it. This may mean that it really had no significance, or it could conjure up images, real or imagined,  of strange goings on.  While at Padua I used to often wander down this area, for no one ever seemed to mind, and there was never ever mention of earning a demerit for doing so.


I was fascinated by the small rooms that it contained with odd remnants of wallpaper on its walls. People seemed to use it for storage, so after one of my years there I left some of my text books in one of its rooms, only to find that when I returned in the fall they were gone. Who knows where these books went to on the “lost corridor?”


Maybe I don’t really want to know the truth behind this fascinating , hidden corner of the old school.  Maybe there is more enchantment in having its history remain hidden. Nonetheless, there is so much I really never understood about Padua, until I left, that this “lost corridor” seems to beckon to me for recognition.