My absence of entries in this blog can be excused (I think)  based on the fact that I had revisited the inspiration for this web site, namely, Brigadoon (the Americanization based on Lerner & Loewe’s musical; also, see my original entry regarding this in the introduction to the website). As you may have figured out, this inspiration has a somewhat complex mythological history. There is  a cross-cultural myth in Germany where it is known as Germelshausen. This is further intertwined by the fact that  William E. Leffingwell chose the name American Nauheim alluding to the country of his inspiration (Germany) for the Glen Springs at Watkins Glen.


Be that as it may,  this whole blog entry really wants to state the obvious, or maybe not so obvious, that the real inspiration for lay in the subconscious minds of the Scotch. This last statement may be a bit much to swallow, so I will have a series of blog entries relating to this.


To begin with,  my disclaimer is that I have become enamored with the  spirit and strength of the Scottish people. I never realized they were as oppressed as any other minority in Europe. It took a trip to Edinburgh and the Highlands to discover this fact. What I also discovered was the mystery of the land. The geography and climate of that countryside create an atmosphere of wild imaginings and mystery I have not experienced anywhere else. If a people and the land are united in creating a culture, then that explains why there have been so many literary greats that have called their homeland Scotland.


The photo is of Brig o’ Doon, the subject of which is from Robert Burn’s poem Tam o’ Shanter. In honesty, I must say I did not  actually visit this site, but I must say I did experience that soul of the countryside that hints at why the Scots so love their land and heritage. By the way, it seems this very bridge also inspired Lerner & Loewe in writing their musical.




On this Eve of Christmas I discovered a gift which was before me for, it appears, many years. It was on the website under the Gallery.


I used to check the Gallery from time to time to see if there were any new photo postings. For some reason I guess I had not been regular in my checking, or the alumni must have furtively posted them at various times. In any event I was quite surprised to see how many photos have been posted. It warmed my heart, indeed.


If other alumni have not discovered these photos it would be worth your time to check them out. Also, if you could add details to any of the photos, it would help others to enjoy them more fully.


Wishing all the best at this special time of year!