IMG_4170PatsCamp2014PPS8Two days before the Winter’s Solstice and six days before Christmas Day’s Fum, Fum, Fum, the title is a take off to ward off the melancholy of this darkest of nights.


It is also my annual tribute to the celebration of fun and victory with my beloved New England Patriots. At one and the same time I have been blessed and spoiled with the success of the Patriots’ winning ways with each year evoking the real real possibility of Super Bowl Success. The title also can evoke the Beach Boys and “Fun, Fun, Fun in the Summer Sun,” which is not a bad elixir for this most dismal time where the Sun does, indeed, appear to be sleeping.


In any event, the photo of this Post is a unique one, for it captures Rob Gronkowski (87) and Tom Brady (12), the former a tight end and the latter a quarterback in coverage for a pass play. Gronkowski is appropriately in place in running the pass play, but Brady would never do this in real life. It is all fun in one of the lighter moments of Patriots Training Camp in the middle of August.


This is one of the things that gets me through Winter in New England, along with cookies, family visits, and a good glass of wine.