Water seems to be one of those things taken for granted.  To a certain extent I took it for granted while at Padua, even though I was amazed at how much of the spring water flowed out of the hillside and down it.


Of course, there was the most prominent water fountain just outside the gym. I also recall at least one very shallow well (c. two feet) on the golf course (with a tin cup for drinking), similar to the above photo. There may have been two wells, but I cannot recall.


I searched to find info or pictures of the wells in the year books and Paduans, but had no luck. Do any Alumni recall anything on the wells while they were at the school? The only other thing I can remember is going to a very shallow pool (probably therapeutic) in the basement below the infirmary. This occurred one summer while at Padua. The good Brothers had filled this pool with very cold (and I mean very cold) spring water that came into the pool  through a hose ( I do not know where the water came from, though).


Any thoughts on wells and water at the old school?






At last years reunion, I toured the Padua Property grounds. The only landmarks left were the guest house, gym, the lab and the ruins of the boiler room/garage. The path to the old AC field was knee deep in weeds as was the AC field. The field was divided with a fence dissecting it in half running South to North. The fence was there I presume as part of the Elk Farm. The old golf course is now occupied by Townhouse/Condo type buildings.
The road that led up to the corn fields and ice skating pond (Punch Bowl Lake) were all heavily weeded. Later in the day I took ride up on Rt 409 which divided the Property. The new owner of the property, has redeveloped the property west of 409 as Eagle Park at Glen Ridge which at first site to me is very reminiscent of the entrance gate of the movie “Jurassic Park”. I could not enter but I could see how beautifully maintained the grounds inside the gate were. To the East side of Rt 409 is a building fenced in which I believe to be housing the Elk farm. Also in the grounds were small yellow touring buses for Eagle Park. About a dozen or so elk were in view and my guess is they probably are free to roam as far as mid AC field. Further south on Rt 409 partly visible is the Padua gravel pit. This is in the area between the old gravel road from the Gym to the corn field.
After observing what a phenomenal job the new owner did for Eagle Park and The Elk farm, I’m bewildered as to why, the Gym and the lab in particular were allowed to fall into disrepair. Even though the old school building and Friary are gone, it would have been nice to upkeep the Gym and the Lab. The Glen Springs-Padua Property were worthy of Historical considerations. Wouldn’t it be nice if in the future these buildings can be remodeled / preserved and perhaps restore some of the history of the Glen Springs-Padua property.




Outlook Point will eventually drive Chad and myself bonkers.  I believe  Outlook Point could be on the Glen Springs/Padua property.  From the old photo Glen Kissingen Spring situated at the south side of the main building. As with my original photo’s the pictures are taken too close to the lake.  To get the view of the Lake from the property you would have to  back up quite a distance and move to the north while facing Lake Seneca.  I believe there was a spring possibly where our ice skating rink was situated. If the ground was level back then and the picture was such that the angle cut off the top of the main building.   Look at the original Outlook Point photo’s and the photo’s I submitted from the property.  Refer to the Glen Kissingen photo below and the 2 maps from Glen Springs trails (undated possibly early 1900’s) and the Padua Property map.

Glenn Kissingen

Photo taken from the south side Glen Kissingen Spring (Gazebo Spring) South side of building 1913, but south wing is there.

Glen Kissingen Spring


Blue Arrow indicates the direction of the above photo

GS map2

Keep in mind this is higher ground then the actual building. Any point to the right of the red line is also possible.  Map of Glen Springs grounds possible early 1900’s Looks as if south wing not built yet.  Green circled area wooded.

Also keep in mind Padua opened in 1949 and gym not built until 1952.

Now for the Snafu.  Reg informs me that Nelson Rockerfeller married Happy in 1963. So that can put the actual Happy Nelson picture to the North of the property.  There are a few Mansions on Lakeview Ave North and Adjacent to the Padua Property.  Reg also informs me that the original grave site for Williamm Leffingwell was in the vacinity of the Gym so his grave would overlook the lake.  Could this be the site of the bench photo?

We may never know the answer to the actual locations of the Happy and bench photo’s.

State ParkReg found a “Point Lookout” in the State Park adjacent to the cemetery.  This is a possible view of the lake from Chad’s Common Ground photo’s the shot seems much further south from the lake then the “Rocky and Happy” and “bench photo.

Draw your own conclusion




Oh yes, I just realized that there was one bit of information regarding the last two photos I posted. The caption underneath one was Cemetery Hill.


Also, I forgot to talk about the original 2 photos I posted on Outlook Point (Dec. 13, 18, 22). In the one with Rocky & Happy the structures have embedded rough stones. The only structure at Padua that would come close would be the old gazebo-like spring (that did not work) just south of the carport. But the structure in the Rocky photo clearly had a bona fide roof and the old spring did not.




CommonGroundRevisitedA few posts back we (Tony & I) discussed the photos of Outlook Point. While I think the issue that the photos that we discussed at that that time were taken from the same vantage point (i.e., Outlook Point), it was never decided to any degree at all where this so-called Outlook Point was.


I came across these two photos from postcards that were for sale on Ebay. I have no details of these photos. They were taken at different times (note the smoke from the chimney blowing in different directions, and note the different cloud formations). But, they appear to be taken from the same vantage point (note the imposed red arrows I placed to indicate the relative angles of the smoke stack and the church steeple).


Whoever was taking these photos in this post and in previous posts had to have easy access to this vantage point. My suspicion was that this Outlook Point was not on the Padua Prep Campus but rather on the Glen Park property. If I could find a local from Watkins Glen to ask him/her, “Is there somewhere with a vantage point like this on the southeast side of Watkins Glen?”, then maybe this puzzlement could be resolved. In any event, I am open to be dissuaded on my current positioning of Outlook Point if someone could produce evidence or reasoning to the contrary.




One of the more memorable winter storms of the century has just followed one of the more memorable storms in the history of the U.S.A., namely Hurricane Sandy. In New England we survived it without much to-do, simply due to luck. Obviously, Hurricane Sandy wrecked more havoc and the victims of that storm are still recovering.


Why am I posting this photo of the class of 1955? Indeed, why am I? To my own mind I  have not discovered the reason, but maybe someone can. I have discovered that the workings of the human mind imitates nature in all its fine details, and not vice versa. What this means for me is that time and place are more intimately connected than one would suppose simply by assuming that there is a great distance between the two.


There is a certain calm in the whirlwind of life. This photo (of which the only person I recognize is Valentine Lapsanski, a dear friend) portrays that calm. Nemo, recently departed, portrays the storm. They are related simply by the fact of association. Some may say that is, indeed, stretching analogy or for want of a better word, associations. But, I say, why not? The art of adaption is none other than the creative use of the most obvious and the most gracious (grace) which is given to us.


Having gone through the storm of Nemo I rejoice in finding Valentine smiling once again.




BulletinBoardThis may be the most unappreciated or elemental part of Padua that ever existed…The Bulletin Board at the base of the central staircase.


Just think of it. Nothing ever happened at any point in the whole campus of Padua Prep, if it did not start at the base of that central staircase. It’s almost scary thinking about it, that such a thing could have existed in the lives of impressionable teenagers. Yet it did. Consciously or unconsciously. Maybe the nature of what Padua was way back then even demanded that this exist. Continue reading The Bulletin Board




IMG_3980RodSeelingIt may seem odd that at this time of year I choose to post something about one of my favorite writers, Rod Serling. But there is a certain synchronicity about this. For one, Rod was born on December 25, 1924, had a summer home in Interlaken, NY, and named the Production Company of the famed Twilight Zone, the Cayuga Productions (named by Rod and Carol Serling after Cayuga Lake).


I continually have the pleasure of running into different episodes of his Twilight Zone series on TV. And, if one can put aside the obvious fact or, should I say, inclination to dismiss it as sheer fantasy, the stories ring true of real life moments, not to say real story telling which touches not only the fantasy but the heart. Continue reading The Twilight Zone




This is great investigative work that Tony Specian did on the two photos of my previous Posts (Outlook Point & Rocky and Happy). I would not have ventured to guess that they were so intimately related.


That being so, I accept Tony’s conclusions as fact, and will add my own observations which were stimulated by his Post.  Namely, look at the gestalt of the two photos: they are synchronous as overall form and view, especially of the lay of the land. Specifically, note the shadow on the grass (noted by the red arrow) and note the apparently  similar forms indicated by the green arrows. The curvature of the hill which drops off to the right in both photos. This is strong convergence to lead one to state that this is the same place of the two photos. Continue reading Common Ground





The locations of Chad’s previous 2 photo’s from the grounds peaked my interest.  My first observations were from memory.  I was able to find a photo taken from my dorm room during the 1965-66 school year. It was taken from the upper floor dorm room somewhere in the vacinity above the Rectors office and entrance to the Chapel.  The upper right photo was taken on the grounds this past August 2012 about where the front Porch was situated.  The red arrow in three of the pictures is a strong reference point.  The ? red arrow in the Rocky Photo looks to be the same possible reference point in the other three Photo’s. Compensate for the camera angle.  Chad’s two photo’s may have been on the South side of the main building, keep in mind  there is no date for the Rocky Photo.