Marchand4My thoughts are drawn to ice hockey, especially at this time of NHL playoffs &, of course, my rooting for the local team Boston. If you can guess my lead in (“Little Ball of Hate”) to this blog post then you are intuitive, and also probably in a lot of trouble for thinking like me.


During my years at Padua I always wished I could skate and enjoy the ice pond on the athletic field. Weak ankles prevented me from ever enjoying the sport of ice skating. So many of my classmates used to skate, I felt that fate played a wicked game with casting me with ankles not strong enough for this winter sport. I often would walk up to the skating rink in winter to watch. The skaters seemed to have more fun than in intramurals or varsity sports. Years after leaving Padua I came to realize that for me the most fun was in make-up games in sports. Sad to say, I wish I never had played any organized sports. It was not in my blood. A dear classmate of mine in my sophomore year told me this in so many words when he said I did not have the “killer instinct.” I did not; I had the fun instinct. I only came to this realization as I matured.


But getting back to skating…Despite my lack of so-called killer instinct, I enjoy athletes who compete with drive and determination. On my Bruins Hockey team the person that so personifies this for me is Brad Marchand. Depending on what side of the fan fence you sit on, you either hate this guy or love him. I, naturally, love him.  Right now he is making life miserable for Pittsburgh Penguin fans.  I am posting a clip of the second game  of the Eastern Conference Finals, which features a typical style of competition that Brad exemplifies, i.e., in-your-face and non-stop-competition…every thing a fan wants. Anyway, you can see that Brad Marchand is at the (Marchand Goal) bottom of the screen mixing it up with a Penguin, but he is also aware of the developing play on the opposite side of the ice. He turns, quickly races to become a part of the play and then finishes it off with a goal. How could you not like the play of this guy? (Note: Clicking on the “Marchand Goal” link will play a short clip, but you must give it time to load. The server is slow.)