DSCN4205DxODevlinTDSince no one has been posting to the Blog, I will take this opportunity to express my supreme satisfaction and enjoyment of the NFL Football Post Season, especially the winning ways of the Patriots.


No mention will be made on this Blog of the Whiners (not Winners) who have tried to detract from the shine of the Patriots’ hard earned victories.


I had the opportunity to actually go to the Championship game on January 18th. It was my first NFL game and first championship game for any sport. Naturally, it was wild and wonderful, especially with Mother Nature bringing in a 52˚ temperature in mid January as well as blustery and rain downpours.


The first photo is of James Devlin scoring the second of the Patriots’ touchdowns, and the second photo is of the fireworks at the victory celebration and awarding of  the AFC Championships trophy.


Now,  “On to the Superbowl…”