To follow up on back photos of people enjoying the panorama of the Seneca Lake Valley from the Padua Campus, I offer this one. The photograph is compliments of The Odessa File ( with this caption, “Then-Governor Nelson Rockefeller and his wife Happy at an overlook near Watkins Glen.” To us who had spent many waking hours during our teens observing this very view, it can be none other than the grounds of Padua. Correct me if I am wrong.



February 22, 2013


The photo is without a doubt taken in the Watkins Cemetery at the side of the viewing pavillion to the east of the NOYES family burial grounds. Does anyone remember Arthur Richards and his freshmen tour? He always stopped at that point for a brief story of a man proposing to his girlfriend and the response he got! NO! YES! (Noyes)



February 21, 2013


Actually I believe the original caption gives the answer. Most likely it is within either the state park grounds or possibly the cemetary. I do not believe from what I know of Padua and Glen Springs that it was on the grounds of the school. It is also theoretically possible that it is much more north on Lakeview Avenue since that is where the mansions were located and Rockefeller would have been more likely to be a guest of someone there.



December 19, 2012


Almost looks to be a Gazebo type structure in the left foreground. Need a more specific date on the picture. Educated guess from the position of the lake and the town. Somewhere to the right of the southern side of the Chapel.

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