BulletinBoardThis may be the most unappreciated or elemental part of Padua that ever existed…The Bulletin Board at the base of the central staircase.


Just think of it. Nothing ever happened at any point in the whole campus of Padua Prep, if it did not start at the base of that central staircase. It’s almost scary thinking about it, that such a thing could have existed in the lives of impressionable teenagers. Yet it did. Consciously or unconsciously. Maybe the nature of what Padua was way back then even demanded that this exist.


There must be a Bulletin Board at the most critical junction of school activity!


All I know is that, on reflective hindsight I was always checking that crazy bulletin board. In today’s world that bulletin board probably would be your email on your iPhone or iPad (or other such mobile device). It was the place to be connected, to be social (in so many words) that no one ever questioned its authority.


Everything that was critical, that needed to be said, was posted on the Bulletin Board. Who was going to the basketball game (off campus) tonight?  Was there a change in classes? Who was on work detail? What was the intramural sports schedule for that day?  These are just a sampling of the highlights of what was posted. I cannot even begin to recall the myriad  details that were posted. Was there a schedule change for anything? It was stated here with— AUTHORITY.


So, I say to that lowly Bulletin Board, so overlooked and unappreciated, “You were the backbone of what was happening to Padua Life way back when. Hail to you. You live on in Spirit, if not with fanfare, at least with quiet certitude.



February 25, 2013


The newspaper article was an unusual one—The NY Times story on the Assassination & Burial of JFK.



February 25, 2013


Interesting observations on the bulletin board. During my stay at “the high”(1958-62) the board mostly had work detail information. I see that later years had newspaper postings; they really went soft after ’62! The best we got was three week old editions of the Elmira Gazette sandwiched on a wooden pole in the library

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