CommonGroundRevisitedA few posts back we (Tony & I) discussed the photos of Outlook Point. While I think the issue that the photos that we discussed at that that time were taken from the same vantage point (i.e., Outlook Point), it was never decided to any degree at all where this so-called Outlook Point was.


I came across these two photos from postcards that were for sale on Ebay. I have no details of these photos. They were taken at different times (note the smoke from the chimney blowing in different directions, and note the different cloud formations). But, they appear to be taken from the same vantage point (note the imposed red arrows I placed to indicate the relative angles of the smoke stack and the church steeple).


Whoever was taking these photos in this post and in previous posts had to have easy access to this vantage point. My suspicion was that this Outlook Point was not on the Padua Prep Campus but rather on the Glen Park property. If I could find a local from Watkins Glen to ask him/her, “Is there somewhere with a vantage point like this on the southeast side of Watkins Glen?”, then maybe this puzzlement could be resolved. In any event, I am open to be dissuaded on my current positioning of Outlook Point if someone could produce evidence or reasoning to the contrary.


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