Outlook Point will eventually drive Chad and myself bonkers.  I believe  Outlook Point could be on the Glen Springs/Padua property.  From the old photo Glen Kissingen Spring situated at the south side of the main building. As with my original photo’s the pictures are taken too close to the lake.  To get the view of the Lake from the property you would have to  back up quite a distance and move to the north while facing Lake Seneca.  I believe there was a spring possibly where our ice skating rink was situated. If the ground was level back then and the picture was such that the angle cut off the top of the main building.   Look at the original Outlook Point photo’s and the photo’s I submitted from the property.  Refer to the Glen Kissingen photo below and the 2 maps from Glen Springs trails (undated possibly early 1900’s) and the Padua Property map.

Glenn Kissingen

Photo taken from the south side Glen Kissingen Spring (Gazebo Spring) South side of building 1913, but south wing is there.

Glen Kissingen Spring


Blue Arrow indicates the direction of the above photo

GS map2

Keep in mind this is higher ground then the actual building. Any point to the right of the red line is also possible.  Map of Glen Springs grounds possible early 1900’s Looks as if south wing not built yet.  Green circled area wooded.

Also keep in mind Padua opened in 1949 and gym not built until 1952.

Now for the Snafu.  Reg informs me that Nelson Rockerfeller married Happy in 1963. So that can put the actual Happy Nelson picture to the North of the property.  There are a few Mansions on Lakeview Ave North and Adjacent to the Padua Property.  Reg also informs me that the original grave site for Williamm Leffingwell was in the vacinity of the Gym so his grave would overlook the lake.  Could this be the site of the bench photo?

We may never know the answer to the actual locations of the Happy and bench photo’s.

State ParkReg found a “Point Lookout” in the State Park adjacent to the cemetery.  This is a possible view of the lake from Chad’s Common Ground photo’s the shot seems much further south from the lake then the “Rocky and Happy” and “bench photo.

Draw your own conclusion



February 24, 2013


Lookout Point as described in the Glen map does not have a view of the Seneca Lake Valley but rather of the Glen itself. Please see the photos I post regarding Lookout Point from the Glen map (see Glen’s Map Lookout Point in Post of 2-24-13).



February 22, 2013


The Lookout Point photo was taken from the top of the golf course, near the road, between the second green and the third tee.



February 22, 2013


Mea Culpa!

I am not my sharp self of late (but I do eventually catch up with things) since my latest surgery.

In my first Post on this subject I noted the vantage point (view area) was called Outlook Point, where in fact it is called LOOKOUT POINT. For some reason I cannot remember those words ( and consequently have continued to call it Outlook Point). I apologize.

Reg’s discovery (and Tony’s posting of the map) of Lookout Point is a perfect resolution for me. I believe they hit the nail on the head. Rocky was Governor in the 50s & 60s so this makes sense.

I’ll post more photos in the future regarding places on the Padua Campus that could be vantage points but they don’t come up to the standards of easy access and angle as does the position of Lookout Point in the Glen Park.

Thanks, Guys.

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