During my years at Padua ’62-66, I recall stories of the gym being haunted.  Noises from the heating or rodent issues could have contributed to some of these stories. One story has a student hearing a dribbled basketball on the upper floor basketball court.  Upon inspection of the upper floor it was found dark and vacant. This particular story probably had it’s roots from the death of Coach Franzese in the mid 50’s. During my final year at Padua I kept score for the basketball games and one of my responsibilities was to phone in the score and stats to the local newspaper.  Needless to say I always had the haunted gym in the back of my mind but fortunately never observed anything out of the ordinary.  During a visit to the property for the  2009 reunion the gym was accessible, however in 2012  the gym was borded up.  What a shame to let this building deteriorate and take on this eerie aura of being haunted.



April 22, 2013


I was often kidded by my mates that my folks couild afford to put in the bowling lanes that were supposedly projected on th side where the ping pong table and pool table stood. My folks were not rich in any sense. Dad was a cop and Mom worked in a coal company office. Me? I had jobs starting in the 7 and 8th grade working for our parish…opening the church, ringing the bells and stoking the nuns home in the winter. I got paid!



March 7, 2013


With the hope of not appearing irreverent or flippant, the only thing I feared in the gym was Fr. Emil.

BTW, I agree with Tony. This was always an underfunded and not fully resourced treasure at Padua. I guess you could say that about the whole Padua Experiment. It was the vision of some extraordinary friars in the late 1940s & 50s but their mantel was never picked up and carried on by the following generations.

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