At last years reunion, I toured the Padua Property grounds. The only landmarks left were the guest house, gym, the lab and the ruins of the boiler room/garage. The path to the old AC field was knee deep in weeds as was the AC field. The field was divided with a fence dissecting it in half running South to North. The fence was there I presume as part of the Elk Farm. The old golf course is now occupied by Townhouse/Condo type buildings.
The road that led up to the corn fields and ice skating pond (Punch Bowl Lake) were all heavily weeded. Later in the day I took ride up on Rt 409 which divided the Property. The new owner of the property, has redeveloped the property west of 409 as Eagle Park at Glen Ridge which at first site to me is very reminiscent of the entrance gate of the movie “Jurassic Park”. I could not enter but I could see how beautifully maintained the grounds inside the gate were. To the East side of Rt 409 is a building fenced in which I believe to be housing the Elk farm. Also in the grounds were small yellow touring buses for Eagle Park. About a dozen or so elk were in view and my guess is they probably are free to roam as far as mid AC field. Further south on Rt 409 partly visible is the Padua gravel pit. This is in the area between the old gravel road from the Gym to the corn field.
After observing what a phenomenal job the new owner did for Eagle Park and The Elk farm, I’m bewildered as to why, the Gym and the lab in particular were allowed to fall into disrepair. Even though the old school building and Friary are gone, it would have been nice to upkeep the Gym and the Lab. The Glen Springs-Padua Property were worthy of Historical considerations. Wouldn’t it be nice if in the future these buildings can be remodeled / preserved and perhaps restore some of the history of the Glen Springs-Padua property.



April 18, 2013


Tony, I really appreciate what you and Chad do for all of us. Your work will be rewarded. Thanks for the memoriies!

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