Water seems to be one of those things taken for granted.  To a certain extent I took it for granted while at Padua, even though I was amazed at how much of the spring water flowed out of the hillside and down it.


Of course, there was the most prominent water fountain just outside the gym. I also recall at least one very shallow well (c. two feet) on the golf course (with a tin cup for drinking), similar to the above photo. There may have been two wells, but I cannot recall.


I searched to find info or pictures of the wells in the year books and Paduans, but had no luck. Do any Alumni recall anything on the wells while they were at the school? The only other thing I can remember is going to a very shallow pool (probably therapeutic) in the basement below the infirmary. This occurred one summer while at Padua. The good Brothers had filled this pool with very cold (and I mean very cold) spring water that came into the pool  through a hose ( I do not know where the water came from, though).


Any thoughts on wells and water at the old school?



August 21, 2013


I’m sure that most would recall that Fr. Austin was pushing the idea of bottling and selling spring water as a means to support what was left of Padua. He took us to the spring eminating from the AC field and said that this spring that would bring in funds if only a source of funding would come forth ( I should have used the word “Spring ” for effect…pun intended).



May 31, 2013


I can only remeber 3 springs, The Pagoda, The Gym and the Green adjacent to the AC field. I know Brother Tim had some system set up to flood the pond for winter Ice skating, how he did this I don’t remember.
Our down also double dips for water in and out, however there is an allowance for pools and sprinklers and the homeowner is responsible for applying for the allowance. When we purchased our home the builder told us if we could take advantage of the water table if we dug down 10 to 15 ft and utilize that set up for lawn and pool. Never bothered checking into cost, but that was 20 years ago when the double dip was not in effect.

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