This is obviously a play on words for the phrase of “elegant sufficiency,” which probably originates from another Scotish poet, James Thomson. [Are you getting my drift here?] The photo is of the Elephant House in Edinburgh, Scotland, whose current notoriety is that it was the place where J.K.Rowling wrote a lot of her Harry Potter series.


As the story goes, Ms. Rowling used to see this boarding school across the way from where she sat at the Elephant House. As the inspiration would have it, this boarding school became Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in her novels.. This tea room or coffee shop, as one would have it, is nearly impossible to get a seating, simply due to the popularity of the Potter stories. After visiting Scotland I can see where Ms. Rowlings had a wealth of imagery to draw from in writing her tales. I will post more of the imagery in upcoming posts.


In closing, though, I must say that Edinburgh itself could easily have supplied material for many a fantastic story or tale. Would that I had been born in Ediburgh or the Highlands. Alas, laddie, that would be a wee bit much to ask!



August 21, 2013


Many moons ago Carol and I visited Edinburgh while serving in the Army. An interesting story: Carol was in the habit of carrying a hot water bottle wherever we traveled in Europe. On the first night in Edinburgh following a cold day we returning to our COLD room at the hotel, Carol became upset when her hot water bottle was no where to be found. We contacted the management to let them know about our loss. Well you guessed it! Low and behold the water bottle was tucked nicely in our bed along side the other hot water bottle that the hotel provided us. Needless to say, we were a bit embarassed, but nice and warm over night.

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