This blog entry is a little difficult for me since I am trying to describe a feeling state brought about by being in a certain place and time. My guess is that this feeling state is what people throughout history talked about as having a vision or presence of the divine.  After visiting the county side of Scotland, especially the Highlands, it became easy to imagine Scotish poets and writers as having their inspiration from their homeland. The majority of my time in Scotland the land was draped in roaming mists and low arching clouds, with light playing a game creating scenes where vapors appeared to take on human or animal forms in the pastures or suddenly appearing valleys or lake scapes.  In other words, the land and space was alive or habitated where life should not be. The world was, quite frankly, enchanted.


This blog photo of Glenfinnan marks the spot where Prince Charles Edward Stuart reentered Scotland to meet with Highland Chieftains to start the Jacobite Rising, a series of encounters with Great Britain to regain the throne. When listening to Scots speak of these encounters with Great Britain, it seems to have happened in the recent past, but they occurred between 1715 and 1745. Needless to say, this is a wondrous spot. As will be seen in my next post this place also has a connection to the most recent literary past.


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