The longer I live the more I am convinced we each write our own life’s narrative. This belief stems from thinking back on life events and seeing parallels and patterns. In any event, I just went through one of these parallels, the original event being my prostate surgery about ten years ago. It was during this pre-op period that I constructed the first website. And, I attribute that work (or distraction as one may choose to define it) as keeping me sane, grounded or what have you, in preparing for the surgery which was in a sense potentially life altering. 


The current event which parallels my first operation-website experience is none other than another surgery, but this time it was cardiac bypass surgery (technically called CABG (cabbage): Cardiac Artery Bypass Grafting). This is what I now fancifully label An Unexpected Journey, in honor of the upcoming Hobbit movie regarding Bilbo Baggins. The cardiac operation occurred unexpectedly and within a matter of two weeks, following a stress test. There was no heart attack, simply blockages (if one can truthfully call it simple). Oddly, this was all unknown to me two weeks earlier when I started working on creating this Padua Prep Blog. The convergence of surgeries in line with creating a website and blog seems more than coincidental. I am too near these events to begin to guess what this “more than coincidental” is. I will leave it to time and others to ferret this out.


The second meaning to which I am labeling “an unexpected journey” is the Padua Prep Blog itself, for it is open-ended and waiting to be filled in with events. It is this thought which actually drove me to put this blog together. It is not my blog, but a blog to which alumni can contribute. All alumni have already been registered to read its posts and comments. All that alumni need is a login name (generally the name you had while at Padua) and password (first and last name initials plus the year or anticipated year of graduation, e.g., CO65 would be my password). If one were not a student, then the first/last initial plus zero/zero. Any alumni can “comment” on posts. To actually contribute or post, you need “author” privileges. Initially, I gave about ten alumni author privileges to begin posting immediately. But if any other alumni wish to post to the blog (have author privileges) just let me know ([email protected]) and I will set it up.


I am excited to have this blog up and functional. Just a note about it. The blog itself is essentially not visible to anyone who does not login. What this means is that if you are not on the Bulletin Board list or Paduan Newsletter mailing list, you do not have login privileges, meaning the blog is private. So, in a sense, the blog is a space for alumni and others to share in confidence. Hopefully, it is the beginning of something wonderful. Having had a near death experience, I’d wish to see “an unexpected journey” transferred from the surgery to the blog, which would warm my heart immensely.




December 7, 2012


I’m only going to reiterate what others have said thus far. First and foremost, glad the surgery was a success and you are doing well. This addition to the Padua website is truly a ‘Great Job’, and yes, this immediately seems easier than working through the Bulletin Board as a means of communications.



December 3, 2012


Don’t think you should plan any more improvements to the website!!!…………seriously though, I am glad that your most recent surgery went well. Thanks for your work on this new addition to the website. It compliments what I think is a great resource to all Paduans in maintaining contact with alums and sharing those great memories. take care.
John Gryszan ’63



December 1, 2012


Thanks for the hard work and your interest in creating this blog. I always enjoy reading about the experiences of Paduans over the years. Hard for me to believe that it will be 60 years next June that our first class graduated. Also, glad to hear you are doing well after your surgery..
Tom Colihan ’53



November 30, 2012


Another great contribution Chad and Tony!

May we all continue to enjoy those sweet fond memories of our terrible teens together.

I like to think 1959 was a specifically super year for me…yet I wish I could have played two more years of high school soccer.

See all y’all in the summer of 2014.

May you be fully blessed and know it!

Tom Frank Uss



November 29, 2012


First and most important, I am so pleased to hear that you made it through this major surgery. I can only hope that you and Carol can put this behind and enjoy the many years to come.
Congratulations on creating a new extension to the Paduaprep site. Not only can we share our past memories, but can expand and add our post Padua thoughts and experiences./life adventures.

Tony Specian ’66



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