What’s This All About?

This blog was conceived after lamenting the fact that more of an oral history could not have been recorded regarding Padua. My conception of oral history is not necessarily factual history, but also reflective history, containing stories, what might have happened, tales, values, etc.

A good friend of mine was of the belief that what makes humans unique and what gives color to our lives is the act of reflection. Essentially, that is what this blog offers—an opportunity to record and share your reflections. These musings can be from time spent at Padua or anythime thereafter.

In many ways, this blog’s precursor was the Padua Prep Bulletin Board. There are many gems contained within that BB. My hunch, though, has been that many alumni may have been reluctant to share due to the structure of the BB which was not always easy to navigate. Thus, this blog is a much simpler format and should pose less problems in visiting and in contributing.

The blog’s various content areas are in an inchoate form, primarily because it is hard to judge exactly how to categorize reflections of this nature. So, maybe the blog itself may be an opportunity for members to state their preferences, or if not that, then to post their reflections and see where they may lead.